Monday, April 12, 2010

Take the 'POOP' with you!

I can't stand it when people let their dogs poop anywhere (as if I don't deal with poop enough as it is!!). Understand that this doesn't bother me if the owner is respectful enough to CLEAN IT UP! But, in our subdivision, these owners seem to have been slapped with the stupid stick and act as if they couldn't possibly fathom picking up after their dog and simply leave them wherever they may fall.

A couple of days a week, when I don't go to the gym, I like to take a jog around the neighborhood with Wyatt in the stroller. There is a long stretch of road, on the outside wall of our subdivision that butts up against nothing but desert. You'd think people would just let their dogs poop on the other side of the street, IN THE DESERT....ah, that would be a NO. Running on the sidewalk is like running through a minefield! The dog logs are just scattered throughout the landscaping AND the sidewalk! I've even been running down the sidewalk, seen an owner patiently waiting while their doggy takes care of business and then walk away!

I was mentioning this frustration to (Anonymous) the other day and (Anonymous) gave me the most brilliant resolution! They have the same kind of offenders in their neighborhood too. They were tired of cleaning the logs out of their lawn, so instead, they take some bacon grease and drizzle it over the abandoned piece of feces. Then, the next dog does the picking up for them! It's genius!!! Granted I'd feel bad if a non-offenders pooch ate one...but I've yet to see a single person pick up after their dog, so I'm certain that only the offenders would suffer with their dogs and their bacon/poo poo breath :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Belly-Buttons and "China's"

My Mom and Kristie and her kiddos came to visit for the week last week. It was such a blast! I love having company! Kristie's kids, Bentley and Lyza, seriously make me laugh to the point of tears! They say some of the funniest things!

Kristie was telling me that Bentley is a little more curious about the difference between boys and girls. One day, while changing Lyza, Bentley pointed and asked, "Mom, is that her "wiener"?" Kristie answered, "No, that's her Vagina."

She said he didn't really mention it again until a week later when she was changing Lyza's diaper, but this time he asked, " that her......"China"??" Apparently Vagina was too complex of a word for a 3 year old to remember (HA!). I so LOVE that kid!

Bentley has a way of demanding your attention, if he notices that you are giving it to someone else and not to him. This adorable little method is what we like to call "headbutting"!

So, we were up in the loft the other day and my mom was helping me decide what to put on the shelf that my husband made for me. He sees my mom talking to me, so he runs over to her and headbutts her in the crotch! I'm fairly certain that the pain from being hit in the pubic bone/crotch is pretty darn close to the pain a dude may feel when taking a hit to the groin. My mom fell to the floor with a shriek and Bentley, more terrified that Nana was going to be mad at him, covered his eyes and then while peeping through his fingers said, " head".

I know she was in pain, but I couldn't help it...I LAUGHED....a total fit of laughter complete with a geezer wheeze from the lack of oxygen!!! It was like the slap you silly laughter you get at church when you know you are supposed to be quiet and pay attention but something so stupidly simple takes over all sense of rationality. The first thing that popped into my head was, "Oh! Did you just get a headbutt to the "China"???!!"

Later that day, Bentley saw me changing Wyatt's diaper and so he knelt down beside him and was being so cute trying to get Wyatt to laugh. Then he stops, tilts his head and points. He looks up at me at goes, "Is that Wyatt's belly-button?" "Umm, nope" I said, trying to keep from laughing, "his belly-button is up on his belly...see?"

So, my sons "wiener" was just confused for a belly-button. Should I be worried??? Nah! See...cuz of the "incomplete circumcision", our little Wy guy looks like he's sportin' a mock neck instead of the traditional crew-neck, or even the now fashion forward turtle-neck. ;c)

The innocence of children offered some much appreciated comedic relief that week!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

9 Months

What used to be our timid, easy going little monkey butt has suddenly morphed into a vocal, squirmy, yet still just as much adorable as ever little 9 month old. If you leave the room (or even step more than 10 feet away) without his permission, he lets out a cry as if the house is on fire and the world as he knows it is coming to an unbearable end. He's just shy of learning to crawl and will get up on his hands and knees and rock (all the while laughing) until he suddenly face plants into the carpet. I filmed him learning to scoot one day about a week and a half ago...and a week later he totally had it mastered and does the army crawl scoot pretty much anywhere you lay him down. He scoots so much now that he's stretched out the neck of a lot of his shirts, dragging his belly across the ground and many times has rendered himself pant-less as he leaves them behind along his journey.

Just last night, after putting him to bed, he was crying a little more than usual, so after 10 minutes or so, I went in...only to find that he'd pulled himself up to his feet with both hands on top of the side rail and had no idea how to get back down. I think this realization scared him so much that it took half an hour to calm him down and let him realize that it's still OK to get back in the crib to get some sleep.

His new found mobility is so exciting, but it's also made him a tad clingier than usual. If you sit next to him to play, he'll use you as a climbing gym over and over again until you get the idea that maybe you shouldn't sit so close!

Teaching him to feed himself has been a riot! I'm pretty sure that I mentioned somewhere earlier that he holds his own bottles...but needs to be on the floor to do so because he hasn't figured out how to tip the bottle to get the liquid. Well, we've now been putting crackers or other small items on his tray. In most cases he'll slap them with his slobbery hands and stare at the piece of food stuck to his palm, in total bewilderment. Then, with his other hand, he'll investigate said food with his tiny little pointer finger until it falls back to the tray...and then it starts all over again! Or, he'll just lean forward and lick the food off the tray. The concept of grabbing the food and bringing it to his mouth apparently has not been discovered yet.

I took Wyatt to the chiropractor the other day as a last pleading measure before I begged that he see a specialist. The subject of "Wyatt's Pooper" is so common now, I'm sure you won't be phased :)

Well...a couple of weeks ago, this is how each and every pooping experience was turning out...

I guess it's just beyond my understanding how any doctor could say that THIS is normal. I mean, each time he'd push, he'd just shriek in pain and it's obvious why! He couldn't get them any further than here. He was at max stretching capacity for his size and I'd have to pretty much push his little bum cheeks together and "pop it like a zit" to help him out! The odd part about it was that we hadn't done anything to change his diet when this happened. He'd been on baby food for months and was getting plenty of formula. We were giving him prune juice on a regular basis and it was taking more and more just to get any results.

The chiropractor mentioned that his son went through some of the same problems. He showed me some stuff to help get things moving and recommended changing his food to homemade baby food instead. We also took him off of formula and put him on rice milk. Can I say NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE!!? No more black and hard little turd balls! Now, it's pretty much the same color and consistence as the food that went in!! Yeah, I'm totally taking a moment to do my happy dance! You have no idea how long we've been battling this issue!! Granted, it's only been about a little over a week that he's been regular...but I don't care! I'm gonna stay positive!! :c)

So, last weekend...we went hog wild making loads and loads of baby food. Another added bonus, no more chasing Wyatt's face around during feedings! The kid has his mouth open and ready for every bite! I can't blame him...have you tasted the baby food you buy in the grocery stores??? It's bitter, bland and hard to make yourself swallow! Now it's sweet, flavorful and there's way more to choose from!

Each morning starts off with some fresh juiced apple juice mixed with some magnesium to help keep water in his intestines. Then he eats some butternut squash, sweet peas, yams, blueberry/apple sauce, banana/orange/kiwi/spinach smoothie, carrots, etc. and a bottle of rice milk each feeding thereafter. He's doing great! He's napping better, and looks as though he has way more energy during the days. I hope this becomes the norm!