Monday, February 16, 2009

Wyatt James Bell's First Photo Shoot!!


For those of you who can't decipher this....let me explain. You are looking at his lil bum with his left and right thigh. In between those thighs....well....need I say more???

This means his Nana Beesley AND HIS MOM were both wrong in guessing his sex. STEVEN WAS DEAD ON and was NOT about to budge. He claimed this appointment was only to confirm that our little one was a much for mothers intuition! :)

As much as I'd like to say, "Awe! Precious!"....this pic looks more like an alien to me. The doc printed this one by special request from Mr. Steve. It's even more weird that the scanned image looks like you can see his EYES where the print we got from the doctors office looks more like dark holes.....oh, and his little hand is already doin' the fist bump....or 'power to the people'....can't decide.

Steve has also made a special request that any toys given to this little man come in twos. One for Wyatt and one for Steve, so that he can SHOW Wyatt how to play with them. (When we worked in Nursery in our last Ward at Church, the kids used to sit in a circle around him and watch HIM PLAY WITH THE TOYS....he's such a kid at heart :)