Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Helper

Today, while I was making the bed, Wyatt decided that he wanted to help Daddy reorganize one of his drawers.

Apparently, he thought everything looked better shoved between the mattress and the bed frame.

I think he's right!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Dear Wyatt,

13 months and 18 days ago...you turned ONE! I know, I'm a bit behind on posting,
but it's completely your fault...yep...you consume so much of my day with all your adorableness that there's hardly any time for writing it all down. Excuse? Sure. Am I sorry? NOPE. Your dad and I tell each other every night how rich we could be if we could only find a way to bottle up your cuteness and sell it!

Every morning, when I get you out of bed, you throw your blankie over the crib railing and rattle the bars of your crib in anticipation. You make this sound (much like som
eone who fills their cheeks up with air and use their pointer fingers to suddenly pop the air like a balloon) and it's the way that you greet EVERYONE! Stranger in the store?...insert sound...Nana in the kitchen?...insert sound...child staring at you in church?...insert sound....seeing your own reflection in the mirror and thinking it's another adorable child just like you?...insert sound!! Totally adorable.

You have already started to form words. You
say "ma-ma-ma", "da", "na-na-na", "dat-too" (thank you), "peak-ooo" (peak-a-boo) and of the numbers 1-5 I've been trying to teach you, you only will say "two".

You still have the proverbial "blow out" from time to time (what would a blog post
be without some reference to poop?) and the sad/funny part is that you seem to save them for road trips, church, or your personal favorite, Kristen (I'm sure she appreciates that) It's like your own way of telling her how much you appreciate that she took some time out of her busy single life to watch you...as the poop oozes out of the side of your pants and plops on the floor. Don't worry...she keeps coming back. She's quite the trooper...suppose that means she loves you too :)

You are such an active child! You have been crawling all over the place and pulling yourself up to a stand for quite some time now. You even cruise around the furniture and get into anything th
at is not being closely monitored. You are up and over any obstacle in your way. Our biggest fear was that you would fall down the stairs...so we asked for a safety gate to keep you away from the stairs but before we could even get it installed, you had already taught yourself how to go up AND DOWN the stairs. Genius?? I THINK SO!

Other than some brief, almost unbearably whiny periods when you were cutting teeth (only 4 so far), you are dang near the happiest baby on earth! It's so contagious too! Your dad and I have to bite our lip just to keep from squeezing you too hard when we hug you...all the while you smile and laugh at us like two crazy clowns. Your bluer than bl
ue eyes (and the unique flec of brown in your right eye), along with your adorable laugh that literally sucks everyone you come in contact with in till they are acting like monkeys trying to make you laugh again are just the beginning of a long list of reasons that I love having you in my life! I never knew it, but everyday as I watch you, I realize that you are everything that I ever wanted in life.

To celebrate your first year, we threw a little party. Here are a few photos of your special day.

Happy Birthday Monkey Butt! We love you!!

"Da" and "Ma-ma-ma"

Happy boy waiting for the party to start.

Burger cake for the birthday boy!
It was SO HOT outside that the icing began to melt!
You looked so stunned and totally focused on the flame.

The mini burgers for your guests.

You cried over when everyone began singing "Happy Birthday" to you :(

My dainty eater...so scared to take a bite!
I had to give you a taste of frosting before you would believe that it was OK to eat!!

Some "sweet" hair gel!