Friday, July 2, 2010

Solo Mission

Without a doubt, the best one yet...and I can hardly wait till the 4th one comes out. That's when all the good stuff happens and when the series comes to an end. I soaked up every last minute of the many scenes where Jacob is yet again without a shirt and swooned over Edward and his love for Bella. Mind you, the movie/actors hardly do justice compared to the books...but I love them none the less.

Then I came home to this video...his first SOLO mission!

My baby grew up in the 2 some odd hours I was gone!! I totally cried when I saw this! One, because I missed it! And two, because he's growing just too dang fast! Every day more and more of his personality shines through and if it's possible...I love him more and more! I'm so happy I'm his MOM!