Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday marked my 30th week!

I can't believe that it's all gone by so quickly...and yet, I secretly wish it would go faster. I only say this because I feel this insane, zero tolerance for stupid people. It's literally taken over every blood cell in my body and only gets worse if the temperature around me reaches anything above 65 degrees, which, wouldn't you guess...IT'S ALL THE TIME! I fear for my co-workers lives (some of them anyways). I never realized just how much I'd been snapping and on the verge of a breakdown until my office roomie started laughing at my reaction to stupid suggestions during meetings, or people who can't operate simple software such as Microsoft Word.

Steve took me to my doc appointment yesterday and we stopped for a frosty before hand. Steve and I ordered the exact same frosty, but mine came all soupy (like it had been sitting out for 5 minutes next to the fries) and his was all thick and chunky. Now, I'm not the type to send food it self sacrificing or non-confrontational, but I just don't like to do it. You'd think I'd lunge at the opportunity to tell someone that they did something wrong, or that they could do it better!

Anyways, Steve refused to let me eat it and took it inside to ask that they make a new one. The way he mimicked the food worker had me rolling in laughter. I think Steve was the first person to challenge the way he was making frosty's! Eventually, the Store Manager came up and would you believe that she had the audacity to say, "I'm sorry, that's how they come." Steve countered with, "I don't think so. I can bring in the other one I just ordered and dump it upside down and nothing would come out. This one is like soup!" She finally agreed to make him a new one and I think my own personal snapping point would have been when she handed him the new one and it was all thick and chunky SO CLEARLY unlike the one she claimed was 'how they come'.

I laughed the whole way to the doctor. Not because I felt bad for, no....because I was SO happy to watch him go through a scenario that happens to me all the time! Somehow, it's funnier when it's not you...go figure! :)

Anyways, the doc says we are still good for a July 4th delivery! I'm grateful that most of the pain I was feeling has gone. My only problem is that this little dude seems to be pushin' his big toe through my belly button! My inny is slowly becoming an outty! And his little bum is just pressed firm against the side of my stomach. I was showing Steve how weird it is that he can move and make my tummy totally change shape. I had him feel for his little bum and Steve pushed so hard I felt our little mans head hit the bones in my pelvis! LOL I think he understands that he's not so little anymore...I had to show him a picture so that he can see just how little space Wyatt has in there now :)