Monday, December 13, 2010

When to take the plunge?

We scored on a new toddler bed tonight. Couldn't pass it up...but the question now is...

When do we transition Wyatt from crib to bed?

I think it will end up being far more painful for me than for Wyatt...and I should totally just go for it. But, I'm putting the question out there. What's the best method? What worked for you??

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A week ago, Wyatt started walking...on his own!

I know, wait, didn't he start walking months ago? I could have sworn I read a post somewhere...
Well, go figure the kid would make a liar out of me! He's totally known how to walk for the past couple of months, and yet refused to do so. Why? Because this little man is one stubborn little...grrrr. No idea where he gets that from...NOT ME! (anyone that knows me totally rolled their eyes at that moment. I resent that!)

One thing I've noticed about Wyatt, he HATES to fail. Steve and I would cheer and get super excited when he'd walk somewhere and he'd act like that was the reaction he wanted, for all of 5 minutes. Then he'd be all...STOP looking at me! It then became a game. If Steve or I noticed that Wyatt was "practicing" walking, we would notify the other person with some weird noise...nothing too weird as to distract him or let on that we saw what he was doing. We'd just watch him out of our peripheral vision and were only allowed to cheer quietly in our heads.

Along with walking came his new found love of throwing a tantrum. YAY! Have you ever seen that YouTube video where the kid is throwing a tantrum on the floor, so the parents walk in the other room...kid stops crying, finds them in the other room and throws himself on the floor picking up right where he left off without missing a beat? Well, then you know what I'm talking about!

Our child hates the word NO...and it's not like we've even had to use it all that often! I mean, Santa Clause could allow him to flush the toilet endlessly while eating a never ending supply of gold fish. But if Santa says "no", Wyatt's world suddenly falls to pieces!

Wyatt is also at that stage in life where the frustration that results from the inability to communicate through words is slowly driving Steve and I nuts! He wobbles around the house pointing at who knows what and moans. But not just moaning...moaning with a QUESTION MARK at the end! When we don't know what he's pointing at, we start guessing which only makes him moan louder. Except this time some unknown force has tossed his body ten feet across the room causing him to flail his arms and feet about in protest!

It's amazing how a child can be both frustrating and adorable all within the same moment. Wyatt loves to push his toy trucks around the in each hand. But he tends to ditch them at the first sign of anything he deems more interesting. This means there a LOT of trucks scattered about the house...most of which are in my kitchen.

Frustrating = trying to cook dinner and stepping on a toy car!

Adorable = Wyatt stepping on a toy car...but it sticking to his clammy foot, thus causing him to step on it not once, not twice...but THREE TIMES!! All the while crying at this painful discovery! Then, he plucks the toy from the bottom of his foot and tosses it across the room! (OK, I know he got this one from me...I've broken many of his toys after stepping on them and kicking them into the other room in frustration...OOPS!)

I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world. He is the perfect addition to our family!