Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steve has been over in Baton Rouge since Monday. Today, they drove down to New Orleans and had some gator and craw fish! Here's a pic he sent me of him...."hangin' with the locals". :)

What are the chances my kid is gonna come out with one of his dad's classic expressions????
Should I be worried?? lol

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday marked my 24th week of pregnancy!

I don't even know where to begin to tell you about all the changes!

A few weeks ago, while shopping for maternity clothes with my mom and sista's, it totally hit me...I'M ALMOST AS LARGE AS AN L-E-FUNT! No seriously, before you start telling me I look fine or to hang in there...explain to me why my face, arms, and big toe all have to get bigger just to have a baby??! I mean, waist...bum...yeah, I understand....boobs...sure, still working on accepting that one. Not sure why Mother Nature couldn't just make due with what I was givin, but whatev's...I'm getting over it. But, what in the tarnation do I need the turkey gobbler chin or the American flags hanging from my arms for??

My sisters and mom were all being SO NICE to me in the store...and I, like a baby, started to cry!!! I couldn't grasp the fact that I was gonna have to wear the "tent" shirts...or the maternity pants that make no woman's bum look fab (why is that? I swear if I knew how to sew jeans, I'd put the butt pockets a wee bit closer together to give that growin booty the illusion of being booty-licious). It was just SO overwhelming! I'm so happy they stuck with me through it and that my mom was SO generous to buy me pretty much a whole new wardrobe!

Recently, I have started to get this weird pain behind my belly button (if this grosses you out...I'm sorry...get used to it, there are few topics that are off limits for me). It literally feels like my belly button is trying to "un"button. Every time I brush my teeth, or wash dishes...it pushes up against the edge of the counter and...gag me, it feels like when you put a Q-tip in there to clean it out....all those little nerve endings...NOT pleasant. It's quite the opposite of cleaning out your ears with a Q-tip, which from me and my mothers point of view, is nearly orgasmic (but it's a thin line to pain if you go to far in...eeek!).

The only other weirdness I have is that my brain has apparently checked out for the next 3 months. I find myself repeating things and asking people if I have already told them something. I can't remember if I just thought something, or if I actually said it. Steve's having a hay-day with it though. He takes just about every chance he can get to tease me...until I give him the "you-really-wanna-go-there" look. :)

This little dude has been kickin' up a storm! I was feeling this dragging sensation on my bladder and after our last ultrasound (which, yes, they confirmed that he's STILL a boy!) I saw that he likes to lay his lil' bum over my bladder which ain't so fun! Sometimes I think he's in there kinking the hose so that mamma can't go!

Steve's been talking to him at night and he'll push on my belly and wait for him to kick his hand away :) He seems to know when it's Steve, because he'll start doin' flips and all 4 limbs just start jolting out in all directions.

We went shopping for the stroller and the play yard last weekend. We also ordered the bedding set online today. I'm pretty anxious to get started on his room. The painting part is pretty much the only thing that Steve and I are dreading.

We still have so much to do to the rest of our house...it just feels like it's taking forever! We finished the guest bedroom about a month ago. It still needs some minor finishing touches, but soon will be done. I'll post a pic of the before and after :) We also finally got a full size desk to put in the loft so that we can spread out in our soon to be den/office/extra guest space.

OH! I also started taking some photography classes that Steve and his boss are putting on at his studio! You'd think I wouldn't need them, being married to a photographer, but I totally lose interest when he tries to teach me EVERYTHING HE KNOWS in 30 minutes. :) This way, I can learn it a little at a time and I have some professional cameras to practice with! WOO!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok, so I realize that I haven't been posting too much lately...I blame it on the lack of energy :)

HOWEVER, my husband sent me an IM this morning while I was at work that was just TOO PRICELESS not to share with the rest of the world...enjoy!

Steven: So can I tell you my funny story now?
Emily: yep, totally ready
Steven: okay so i was coming down the stairs this morning and heard...
Steven: a cat meowing.
Steven: i looked out the front window and to my surprise I saw not one, but two cats.
Steven: They were locked in a death stare with hair raised and claws ready...
Steven: As I moved closer to the window to watch as the stare down continued, I realized that this was not going to be a quick little bout
Steven: These two cats must have had a long history and they now, finally, after months of harassment have come to a head and were ready to duke it out, even if it means blood, even death.
Steven: After a few long drawn out meows, both cats pounced with such utter speed and accuracy as they collied in mid air. The fight was on!
Steven: The stripped aggressor, yet smaller of the two, took control over the orange larger feline with great force.
Steven: After a few seconds of batting and swatting, fur began to fly. The smell of blood was in the air.
Steven: ...
Steven: okay this is taking way to long and i have stuff to do...
Steven: you get the idea
Emily: hahahahaha.....yes, but it's highly amusing to see you entertain the author in you!
Steven: there was a massive cat fight between two cats right out in front of our driveway
Steven: they had it out for about 10 minutes
Steven: after I saw that one was seriously loosing, I walked out and broke it up by yes, throwing the largest rocks.
Emily: NO!
Emily: you threw ROCKS at them?
Steven: one...that was all it took
Steven: I even missed
Steven: but one cat did not run as fast as the other when it was over
Steven: there was fur literally all over the cul-de-sac
Steven: ok that was my story

Seriously, this is just ONE of the reasons I LOVE being married to this man! He never, and I mean NEVER, ceases to amaze me...lol :) He always has me laughing!