Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I’ve developed the nose of a blood hound….seriously! I swear I can smell everything. Things that I never smelt before…and things I really wish I couldn’t smell.

When we bought our house, I hated the smell of it. I bought a bunch of wallflowers from Bath & Body and put them throughout the house. And frankly, I really liked the smell of them….until NOW. I came home from work last night and was so overcome by the smell of eucalyptus that I wanted to barf! I went around the house and gathered them all up and threw them out. BUT, then I couldn’t get the SMELL off of my hands! I washed them literally 10 times and still could smell the eucalyptus scent on them….so I pulled out an onion and rubbed it on my hands….nadda….pulled out some lemons and rubbed them on my hands…NADDA!! So, while cooking dinner, I burnt some cheese in my oven, and you’d think I was smellin’ the greatest thing on earth!! I actually preferred the smell of burnt cheese over my scenty stuff!

Sadly, once the smoke cleared and I was getting ready this morning….the smell was back! Seriously thinking about sporting a clothes line clip on my nose…fashionable…no??

Dear Fetus,

I want you to know how ecstatic we are for your existence….even though you living in my womb is making me feel a wee bit crazy from all the changes. I really wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world and it makes me tear up when I think of how blessed we are. You should know that your dad still calls you spike…which isn’t all that far off considerin’ you probably still have a tail at this point.

Love momma