Friday, July 31, 2009

Have I mentioned the farting????? This kid is constantly grunting one out while asleep, awake...doesn't matter. No amount of burping has helped prevent it. We've even tried gas drops, and homeopathic drops and tablets...nadda! How long should this stage last???
Oh my goodness, can I just say that I thought this raising a baby thing would be so much easier than it actually is! I've had to bid farewell to sleep...eating on a regular schedule...and all other household chores.

We try really hard to have him in bed by midnight so that he only wakes one other time during the night. I go to sleep at 9ish and Steve feeds and puts him to bed. This way, I can usually get a good 5 hours of sleep before he wakes to be fed, changed and burped again. Too bad Wyatt hasn't agreed to our routine...he likes to throw a wrench in the mix every chance he gets!

I honestly can't wait until he's sleeping through the night (for the most part)....and kinda wish I could skip to the toddler stage. Although it's so fun to watch him grow and cuddle with him, it's hard when he's awake and just staring at you, blank faced, expressionless. Or when he cries and you've tried everything possible to calm him, with no success. My sister says that the day they smile at you melts your heart....I'm so looking forward to that!

Until then, please pray for us! We need all the help we can get!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Being home from the hospital was tough and I depended on my mom and Steven so much to help me through. On my 3rd day home, I ran a fever and had chills and body ache
s. The doctor thought that it may have been a reaction to the pain medication in combination with the hormones that are involved in a let down. It lasted for several hours and then went away, but only after leaving me with a fever blister that occupied almost my entire bottom lip.

The next night, the fever was back with a vengeance. I'd had a migraine headache all day and around the same time as the night before, I ran a fever of 105.3, had chills, body aches and couldn't stop the shaking. I called the doctor again and she informed me to rush to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Once there, they ran some blood cultures, a urine test, an ultrasound (to make sure nothing was left behind from the c-section) and a chest X-ray (to rule out mastitis). Come to find out, I had a UTI from the catheter that was given to me during labor. I was prescribed an antibiotic and was sent home.

The next night, the same signs began to show up again. I had a lower temperature, so I figured it was my body fighting off the UTI. The next morning, the ER called and said that my blood cultures came back positive. I had a blood infection and needed to get to my doctor as soon as possible.

I'm finally over all the infections and am still trying to heal from the incision. Getting up from the ground and sitting up from a lying position are still very difficult, but the incision looks great! Hormones are still up and down...I get overwhelmed very easy and the simplest thing seems to bring me to tears, but I've been told that will soon end.

I love watching Wyatt grow. We just attended his 2 week checkup and he already grew 2 inches and gained a pound and a half! His little cheeks are so chubby now :) He's such a little lip magnet, you can't help but kiss him! He makes these adorable little squeaking sounds when he eats and if he gets impatient for food, he snorts when he crys!

Here's a picture of Wyatt's first bath:

Wyatt's Nursery:

Such a peaceful sleeper...