Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit...the more you eat the more you.....uh, I wish I could say "toot" but apparently that was just wishful thinking.

Beans + More Beans = Mad Dash to the Kitchen Sink!
He liked it so much, I just had to let him stay awhile ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello? McFly??

In case you didn't notice, I dropped off the face of the blogging planet for way longer than I thought I had! I totally missed posting anything about Wyatt turning 10 months...and uh, well, now he's 11 three days!! He's fast approaching 1 and it's odd how in some ways it feels like its all just flown by faster than I can process it all and in other ways it feels like 11 months? That's it??! Feels like 11 years!

Either way, I love being greeted by our little "monkey butt" (as much as Steve hates that I call him that. The other night he said..."you really should stop calling him that." I said, "Why? It totally fits him!" "Have you seen a monkey butt?" he asked, "They aren't cute!"). Every time I go in to get him in the mornings, the moment he sees me he just starts rattling the bars in his crib (much like a MoNkEy! Just sayin') and has this grin from ear to ear! I think he's pretty sad that we put a chewy crib rail protector up...he was getting so close to using his teeth to put the finishing touches on his totem pole ;)

By the end of April, Wyatt totally took me by surprise one morning and totally started crawling! He'd been doing the rockin' thing on his hands and knees forever and then one morning totally put two and two together and off he went!

This video was captured about a week after he started crawling...

Now he crawls and pulls himself up to stand on any and all objects!

On one hand, it's awesome that he's crawling and seeing new things...but on the other hand....well picture me trying to finish the dishes, make dinner and clean up the goldfish that jumped from their home in Wyatt's mouth to their death on my kitchen floor. I put Wyatt on the floor and surround him with toys (to him it's heaven, to me it's a barricade that if used properly will give me a good solid 5 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time before he realizes I'm not by his side and he comes barreling towards me like a human bulldozer dragging stuffed animals and legos between his legs). Only this time...5 minutes turns into 6 and the internal alarm in my head is going, "WHERE'S THE BABY??!" When he's too quite, it generally means he's found something he's not supposed to have and he's enjoying his time before mommy finds him! I found him in the bathroom...chomping on the toilet seat and splish splashing the toilet water with his hands!! People, I'm clean and all...but even I wouldn't lick a toilet seat no matter how clean I know it is!

Best/Worst part? I yelp, he turns, drops to the ground and crawls to me as fast as his scrawny little limbs will take him, grinning from ear to ear (he knows he's busted) and when I pick him up he goes in for a baby kiss (you know the kind...all slobbery and mouth open)! Cute that he wants to give a kiss, sure, but I totally have toilet slobber on my lips!! BLECK!