Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wyatt's 7 week checkup...

We took Wyatt in for his 6 week checkup (yes I know, he's actually 7 weeks) and man has our little guy grown! He was 7lb 6oz and 19" long when he was born and by his 2 week checkup he was 8lb 4oz and 21" long...and at his 6 week check up he weighed in at a whopping 12LBS and 23" LONG!!

We noticed a week or so ago that he had a puffy area above his lil wee w
ee and were sad to find out that he has to have hernia surgery soon :( The doc noticed what she thought was a heart murmur so she wanted to have that checked out prior to the surgery taking place. We went in for an EKG and an Echo today and it seems that all is well. He does have a slight heart murmur, but should grow out of that. He goes back again in 3 months to check on the progress. We are trying to get a consultation setup for his hernia surgery tomorrow morning. I have a flight scheduled for tomorrow evening with if the verdict is that he needs it ASAP, then our trip will be postponed a bit.

I'll keep you all posted on his progress! In the meantime, enjoy a few pics...

Here's our little man all hooked up to the EKG machine. He did great through all of them! Can't believe how much he's grown from the pictures below!

I kick myself for even posting this one...but I just couldn't help but laugh at myself! I remember being sad that Jim and Anne's friends, Ron and Kathy, weren't able to make it to the hospital to see Wyatt...Anne informed me that they did! And this picture totally explains WHY I don't remember their visit....DUDE, COULD I BE ANYMORE STONED??!! (Don't worry, I know it looks like my head shrunk and my body exploded...but i'm looking much better these days...I mean, anything would be an improvement from this! lol)

Here is my mom with Wyatt...

And here's Wyatt mimicking mommy's "stoned" expression :)