Thursday, February 25, 2010

When we were considering names for our little boy and finally settled on the name "Wyatt", I don't think we thought the whole thing through. Very seldom do we actually say his name...instead we refer to his many nicknames, such as:

We know that this is just setting him up for an identity crisis and have honestly been making a solid effort to use his "real" name (whenever we remember to...hehehe). We even cheer when we say his name and he actually turns to look at us, as if he knows we are talking to him....although I'm pretty sure he's just looking in the direction of the familiar voice. We could be rattling off something in Greek and he'd probably still turn and smile at us. Hey! How cool is that? Our little boy understands Greek!!

Wyatt turned 7 months back on the 5th of February. The month before, during his 6 month dr appointment, the doc was worried that he wasn't sitting up on his own, rolling all the way over or reaching for objects...brushing his own teeth, potty trained, applying for work, you know, the basics. She mentioned that if he wasn't doing these things by his 9 month visit, that she would suggest putting him in physical therapy. I seriously had no idea that you are supposed to help teach your child how to do these things (aside from sitting...I was pretty sure I'd need to teach him that...but wasn't expecting him to be doing it as early as 6 months!). I always thought it was just a natural progression...OOPS! So everyday we've worked on sitting up, rolling over, reaching for things...etc. The sad-but-interesting/funny part is that based on the ages my mom entered in my baby book...Wyatt looks like a friggin' genius compared to me! I didn't sit up on my own till I was 9 months...didn't crawl till I was 13 months and was a whopping 17 months before I even took my first steps! Now, 8 days away from turning 8 months, the kid is just amazing us with all he can do!

He now sits on his own, rolls around the room (no army crawling or scooting just yet), grabs for everything and anything within his reach, holds his cereal bottle (no luck on holding his milk bottles yet...he's pretty stubborn when it comes to that). He says "ma ma" ALL the time (no "da da" yet...poor Steve :c) )

His two bottom teeth are so crazy close to the surface. No white ridge yet, but you can feel them just under the surface working on making their grand entrance! On top of all that, he now has some friggin' adorable personality quirks that just make he wanna eat him up! He has this inquisitive head tilt that he does when he's studying something. And he has to greet every object by either licking it or by investigating it with his tiny little pointer finger. Those he deems worthy will be coated in spit...those unworthy get tossed aside or dropped from his highchair.

Since he's majorly teething, he clenches his gums together and his whole body just shakes while he bites down. That and the blood red face he gets when he's pooping at the table make for unbeatable dinner entertainment!

He loves to hold tags, clothes, blankets...pretty much anything against his bottom lip while he sucks/chomps on his thumb.

If I'm holding him when his daddy comes home, he will wiggle, squeal and just about anything else to get into Steve's arms as quickly as possible.

He LOVES when either of us act as if we are chasing him down the stairs while the other parent is holding him. Agh! I could just spend an entire day squeezing him and kissing his cheeks, if only he'd let me!!! I'm totally in LOVE with this kid (aside from the months that we've spent battling the teething pains!!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Day

We took Wyatt up to Steve's parents cabin on Mt. Charleston this last weekend. It rained for almost a week straight here in the valley, so that meant MAJOR snow up on the mountains!

We bundled the little dude up and took him outside to see snow for the first time.

I don't think he knew what to make of it! The wind kept blowing the cold air on his face which made him gasp as if it were stealing the oxygen right out of him. Then Steve took him for his very first sled ride...

He did great! But pretty much after that, he was DONE! He warmed up in the truck with Ken and Kristen while Steve "attempted" to teach me how to snowboard (I've only skied) on powder. I'm a total desert rat and pretty much don't own a lick of snow gear...except for the coat that I had to buy when I flew out to Chicago after one of Steve's photo shoots. Every step I took put snow against my ankles and inside my tennies and after many-a-falls, I was certain my butt was never going to de-numb itself (ah, but alas, it surely DID de-numb know that burning pain you get in your finger tips when they go from freezing cold to warm?? Turns out no body part is exempt from such fire!) I made it a couple of feet before freaking out that I was going to run into a tree...but I think I might get the hang of it with a wee bit o' practice :)

Wyatt is mastering the art of grabbing what he wants. He no longer swings his arms and hopes that he hits what he's aiming for. It's rather funny when you have a drink in your hand...before you know it, IT'S HIS!

Don't worry folks...he's not really drinking soda at 7 months ;)