Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Me: Check the blog
Steven: OK
Steven: GREAT! Now everyone's going to think I have horrible hygiene!
Me: hahahahahahaahahahahah....I so stinkin' love ya babe!

PS: Internet, Steven doesn't have poor hygiene! The scinerio described below was a one time thing (I hope...)

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures (apparently)

For real, I'm totally not making this story up...and honestly, I don't think I could come up with something so random, yet soooooo perfect!

I always give Steve a hard time, calling him raptor toes and stuff because he has these two toenails (on his pointer toes...next to his big toes) that curl around the top of his toe when they grow (I think he gets it from his dad....HA! I don't know...don't worry Jim, I don't look at your toes that closely...lol). So I like to tease him and tell him I can hear his toenails click clacking across the tile when he walks...like a raptor!

Steve: So you wanna know how manly I am?

Me: (confused) Sure...

Steve: I was walking down the stairs at work and you know how one of my feet is slightly bigger than the other?

Me: mmmK

Steve: Well, sometimes if my toenail gets too long on the foot that's slightly bigger, it bugs me and makes my foot hurt. But, there weren't any clippers at work, so guess what I did?

Me: Oh gosh, baby...I'm scared to know!

Steve: I took some wire cutters and went into the bathroom and cut them down, but they were kinda jagged, so you know what I did to file them down??

Me: I'm guessing you used one of those big ole metal file thingy's?

Steve: NO! I went into the bathroom and used the cinder block wall to file them down! (Then he proceeds to mimick the action of filing his toe nails against the wall)

I know we are in desperate times and all....but, I didn't know we were THAT desperate! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Here's the final picture of the Texas de Brazil in Baton Rouge that Steve was shooting last week. Seriously, the pictures he takes are just amazing! What he captures seems better than what the eye can see. You should check out some of their stuff at www.studiojinc.com. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So, I must tell the world that I have the most AMAZING mother! She and Kristie came down this last weekend and helped me finish painting the bambino's room and the loft (ok, so 'helped' is the wrong word...cuz they pretty much did the ENTIRE project for me! I think I cried like 5 gazillion times....and they were both ready to stick a wet finger in my ear just to get me to shut up with all the "thank yas"!) I PROMISE to post some pics...but I wanna finish addin' my personal touches so you all can see the final product :)

My main squeeze (a.k.a. Loverboy...a.k.a. Steve) was such a huge help too! Poor Bentley was having a rough time for some reason and Steve and Josh did their best to entertain him while the gals were glammifying the walls. Kristie and Josh are seriously lucky to have Lyza...she is the most mellow, easy going baby!

(I totally stole this pic from Ashley's blog...these girls are adorable! Left: Lyza Right: Brooke)

I have to say that the funniest part was when they all went to leave. I crouched down to give Bentley a hug and my mom pointed to my belly and told him to tell Wyatt bye-bye. She then proceeded to explain that there's a baby in my tummy...so he pats my tummy. (You can just see the little wheels turnin' in his head) THEN, he pats the other two bumps stickin' outta my shirt and tells them bye-bye too!!!!!! AHH-HA-HA-HA! It's all right little man...I'd be confused too!