Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wyatt is quickly approaching the age of two and of the 7 hours he's awake everyday (do I really have room to complain?) his "witching hour" just before bedtime is my least favorite! Usually when I open the door to Wyatt's bedroom, I hear an "uh-oh!" from underneath a mound of security blankets, security cars, security trucks, security stuffed animals...

A mound does not even begin to describe what is happening in this kid's crib! He thinks he's supposed to be attached to every blanket his Grandma Patti made him (there's 3...even though one of them was supposed to be a "loaner", it ended up being his #2 fav blanket followed by the one she made him to replace his all time favorite blanket on wash days) and to every car he owns. So now when we pick him up, we have to name all 3 blankets, 72 cars and 4 stuffed animals he slept with overnight before he'll even think about getting out of bed.

"Uh?" (as he points with his pudgy little finger to the truck in his hand)

"Yep. That's your white monster truck!" (you have to name the color too...)

"Uh?" (as he picks up blanket #1)

"Oooh! That's blankie!"

"Uh??" (as he picks up blanket #2)

"WOW! Two blankies?? Somebody must love you!"

"Uh, Uh!!!?"


etc. etc...

Then, when you are all done, he hands them one by one to you until your arms are bursting with miscellaneous toys and then he puts his arms up and wants to get out. Growing a third arm would be very useful at this point because I'm certain Houdini couldn't even figure out how to juggle toys while helping a child out of his crib!

We had to become pretty creative during playtime last month, since Steve was out of town quite a bit. Wyatt counts on daddy time at night to help him get all his wiggles out and pent up energy that mom can't quite help him with (I'm a clumsy person by nature and in most cases one of BOTH of us end up So, we made a lot of blanket forts and had a LOT of bath times ;)

I just can't believe how quickly he's growing! He's starting to loose that toddler look and is looking more and more like a big boy! LOVE HIM!!


Kisses for the duckie! xoxo



Matthews said...

Wow, he looks so big. I can't believe he is almost 2! That is so crazy.

Sharron said...

He is getting big, but this new look is little boy, mom. Big boy will come in a couple or three years, you'll see shat I mean.

My daughter's boys have all stuffed all of that stuff into their jammies with them. I'll send one over to teach Wyatt, it makes it easier t get them up in the morning!