Friday, February 18, 2011

18 Months


Wyatt turned 18 months at the beginning of January and I honestly couldn't be more in love with this kid! This age is so freakin' fun!

Where do I even start? Let's see...he only loves to rough house with Steve. His clumsy mother usually ends up hurting him. (Story behind the story: Steve and Wyatt play this game where Steve will toss Wyatt face first onto the back of the couch and then he rolls off the couch and Steve catches him just before he hits the ground and starts it all over again...all the while, Wyatt is laughing so hard he's making little pig snorts! Well, one morning I got Wyatt out of bed and set him on the couch to watch cartoons while I made some breakfast. Well apparently that was his queue to roll OFF the couch...but mom wasn't there to catch him! So he face planted into the carpet and burst into tears with a look on his face like I had totally betrayed him!) He learned quick that if he doesn't want mom to fail the "Trust Fall", then he better save his energy for daddy ;)

He blows me a kiss when I put him down for a nap (I'll take that any day!).



He has probably 40 different cars which he loves AND PLAYS with every single one of them! Quirky part is that he only likes to play with cars of the same style at one time. So, he'll sort through them till he find two that are similar and pushes them around :)

He no longer wants to sit in the grocery cart when shopping...he'd rather push. So I now have to scramble to throw things in the cart or be left in Wyatt's grocery-cart-speeding-dust!


As you can tell, 18 month pics were a little difficult. Wy is always on the go, and isn't really in the mood to stop and say cheese. :)

He LOVES to read. Mostly he likes to point at the pictures and wants you to name off everything he points to. Which used to be easy, cuz I would just say "Yep, truck"...or "That's a duck!"...but if I'm not paying attention and I get it wrong, he totally calls me out on it! Like, mother, must I prove to you how much smarter I am than you all the time?? Get it together!


If we could bottle up his cuteness and sell it...I'm certain we'd be millionaires!


Sandi and Curtis said...

I agree - you'd be millionaires! He is so adorable!

Carolee said...

So very sweet! He needs a sibling :)

Sharron said...

LOL Love all the stories and pictures! . . and you would be rich!

Amanda said...

You would be MULTI-millionares, he is seriously so stinkin cute!!!